Yahweh's Amazing Test (Abraham, Genesis 22)

I think it's very important to remember that a god can do whatever it wants - a god could even come up with a better thing to be impressed by than a human's willingness to stab and burn their own child. A god could, instead, choose to give rewards for doing... you know, .... things that improve the world.

I'm trying to think of what, about this story, would impress a modern-day courtroom that Abraham was a stable, balanced member of society that deserved rewards for his actions. Obviously - none in the civilized world ever would. Does that mean that "civilization" is completely immoral? We would put anybody who fully obeyed the god of the bible in prison. What. Does. That. Tell. You?

As I ask in the video - if agreeing to stab and burn your own child is a test of righteousness, then WTF would a test of psychopathy look like?
Why do people look to the bible for righteousness?