What Would Yahweh Do?

Lets just be thankful that people dont remind themselves to act in accordance with the answer to the question What Would Yahweh Do?.
Christians can be thankful that Jesus himself didn't do that. (However, with the invention of eternal punishment in hell, one could argue that existence under Jesus is worse than under Yahweh: at least with Yahweh, once you were dead, he was finished with you!)

What's certain is that we can only pity the people who lived in a time when the law of the land was based on Yahwehs ideas about justice and love.

When biblical references are given in this video, Yahwehs eventual responses are either direct quotations from scripture, or accurate representations of the scriptural accounts of the actions he took. (eg, although he didn't say 'frigging' in the Bible, he DID cause a wall to fall, killing 27,000 people, and he DID order that children, infants, and camels be killed, etc).
I confess to an error though: Yahweh did not send his spirit to help Samson kill just 30 more people. Samson's last murderous act was a massive suicide attack, and "he killed many more when he died than while he lived" (Judges 16:30). I noticed the error when putting the finishing touches on the video, so I apologise to both Yahweh and Samson for not giving credit for so successful a massacre where it was due.