Tribute to Kent Hovind


Yeah we all know this guy,
He's a friggin' ass.
Yeah he calls himself a doctor
but he hasn't passed a science class.

But even though he says that evolution
is just a made up claim
I don't know about you
but that is fucking lame.

Yeah the Flintstones were real,
Just like the taxes he didn't steal

You're a fucktard aren't you, Kent?

And the way that he tries
to prove is made up shit, (his made up shit)
he says that science is a lie
and the Bible proves it, (the bible proves it)
But what he doesn't seem to know is that Bible,
that he's claimed to have read (It really sucks)
Has about as much facts
as Evil Dead. (I'll swallow your soul)

Yes, God is for sale.
I hope that you fucking rot in jail.


Kent you are the biggest ass in the world,
yes you are.
Kent you're a Dick.

Version 2