Jesus and the Interpreter. A modern-day christian helps Jesus get started.

Modern-day Christians know Jesus so well, that this one decided to travel back in time to help Jesus get his message across right from the start. Those people back in Jesus' time might have mistaken Jesus' own words as actually representing what he really meant! And we wouldn't want that!

Let's see how modern interpretations stack up against the words as they are spoken.

This was made because the few videos I made just before this one (and a lot of my subsequent videos) dealt with the brutality of the old testament, and I was getting many comments telling me that christians DON'T follow the old testament, but that they follow the words and teachings of JESUS instead!
This video is my way of saying "No, you so obviously don't".

Rather than admit that you don't actually obey Jesus' instructions, perhaps instead you could leave a comment telling me that I am ignorant, and that I could never have been a Christian. Or, ignore the content of the video completely, and threaten eternal damnation to all God-hating atheists like me. Or why not use that old stand-by you always use when your religion is exposed as ludicrous: argue about evolution!