Free Will - "God Style" PART 3; Finale

Perhaps by now youve heard it all before. The first two installments generated debates that each led to the next one being written, in order to demonstrate the illogical nature of the arguments I kept getting.
Most argumentative responses focused on words. Free and choice were bounced back and forth again and again, from dictionary to dictionary It seems that apologists for the Bible are happy to accept a choice that is almost identical to blackmail, as long as it can still bear the label choice, which, yes, blackmail does too, I guess. The other main response Ive gotten is the charge that Im angry at Yahweh for giving us such a loaded, coercive choice. Ahh no, I dont believe in Yahweh, I dont believe Yahweh has ever done anything, so Im not angry at him. Do you deny Santa because youre angry at him for not giving you presents at Christmas any more?

So, this final part is intended to acknowledge that yes, in fact, blackmail, coercion, threats, and extortion ARE categories of choice. It is focused on what KIND of choice one might expect from an infinitely capable, infinitely loving, and infinitely wise deity. If nothing else, I hope it demonstrates that the free choice that Christians praise Yahweh for is nowhere near as free or loving as what a perfect being could offer. Its more like that free choice (YES, OK, it IS a choice!!!) given by the store robber pointing the gun at the guy behind the counter and demanding that he hand over the cash. Therefore, if we follow logic (ahem) we come to the predicament of acknowledging that Yahwehs choice doesnt measure up to anything LIKE being worthy of being credited to the divine, in fact it fails dismally, and therefore, the whole damn thing is a bunch of bullshit.

Do you find this video offensive? Well, Im offended that throughout history, and even still today, people have been, and are being, paralysed with fear of being condemned to an imaginary torture chamber after death- indoctrinated from childhood that they need to grovel and beg for mercy, and that nothing they can humanly do can save them from endless pain and suffering. Im offended that people I know, love and respect have had these bullshit ideas put into their heads, and had it influence their choices ALL their lives, constantly weighing their thoughts and actions against the need to please the imaginary slave master who alone can rescue them from the imaginary torture that he himself threatens to dole out.

An honorary mention will go to the first person to make a comment claiming that I am angry at God.
Another honorary mention will go to the first person to make a comment saying that Im saying theres no choice in Yahwehs arrangement when in fact, in a dictionary sense, there actually is.
And a third honorary mention will go to the first person to try to correct my position by quoting a merciful-sounding bible verse, whilst ignoring all the bloodthirsty, torture filled ones about Jesus judging us and sending us to hell.