Would you vote for god?

You're willing to give Him an eternity in the next life, but could you even tolerate four years of Him in this life? Several of my old cartoons have been in need of updating, but rather than do that, I decided to make a more serious animation that is sort of an amalgamation of their different points, along with a few more. The others were more silly, which I enjoy, but I thought multiple approaches would benefit the message.

This Video is a Universe

As the starter of time, assumptions are made about you in this video. As the creator, assumptions are made about me too. As the person who caused the events herein to progress, dear viewer, you are in the unique position to observe which assumptions are accurate and justifiable, and which are not. Extrapolate.


God's Worst Idea

A perfect god would know better...
A rich person will not flaunt their wealth if they wish to find true love.

The Sound of Muslims

In reply to the comments (with replies disabled) claiming that the Qur'an "correctly" describes how the Earth formed from clouds of smoke, here's what the perfect book actually says:

Then turned He to the heaven when it was smoke, and said unto it and unto the earth: Come both of you, willingly or loth (unwillingly). They said: We come, obedient. [41:11-12]

In reality Earth did indeed form from "smoke" particles. But these particles came from an exploded star, and according to the Qur'an, stars didn't exist until AFTER the earth was formed. Also, the Earth doesn't have a will of its own. And it can't speak.

Islam - The Religion of Peace

Da'Wank Man is back with a family-friendly version of the original censored video to explain the fascinating and complex history of Islam and its relationship with non-Muslim ideologies.

Joshua Feuerstein The Motherfucking Opera

By popular request here's Pastor Fuckstain getting operatic all up in your dick.

True Origins of the Qur'an

In this very accurate and culturally sensitive video, Muhammad (peace be upon him) explains the divine revelation of the sacred text to his beautiful wife Khadija. The local scribe Abdullâh Ibn Sâd Ibn Abî Sarh comes forth to offer his services, but in his ignorance, he decides to reject the unalterable truth of the Creator of the Universe. Thanks and praise to Hamza Tzortzis (peace be upon him).