Afterlife is Meaningless Without Afterafterlife

If the afterlife gives life meaning, then what gives the afterlife meaning, and why can't that be the meaning of life? Why does meaning require eternity?

I received some comments like these on my portrayal of heaven:
"It would be an eternal state of love, happiness, and joy, next to God."
"It would be like a big party."
My answer:
The bible says you will be worshiping God for all eternity. If that's so wonderful, then why don't you worship God 24/7 in your life right now? If this "state" of love, happiness, and joy is compulsory, then is it truly you? Doing anything - even partying - for an eternity would eventually become a torment. Quadrillions of years might as well be a microsecond.

Thank you, +GrapplingIgnorance, for sharing your script and allowing my additions and adjustments. Thank you, also, for sharing your voice.