Stoned to Death

Dear YouTube Support,

Thank you for your notification.

I am horrified to learn I may have unintentionally caused offense to any person viewing my video and I can assure you that my series of cartoons on your website is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to real individuals is purely coincidental.

Yes, I freely admit that my cartoons are not for the faint of heart. My content is always rather coarse in nature and aimed at a mature audience. However, I certainly have never targeted particular individuals for ridicule. Real people are off limits.

The faces, voices, mannerisms, opinions and names of my characters are plucked from my imagination and are chosen for the sole purpose of mature entertainment.

With this in mind, it is an inevitability that at least one of my fictional characters will share certain attributes with a real person.

The name "Matthew Bell" is very common. A quick Google search reveals literally thousands of men with this name. For me, as an artist, I chose the name to represent the 'Everyman'. The character is a symbol of an unquestioning mind corrupted by toxic authority. The message of the video is to stand for what is just, and never defer to theocratic rule.

Naturally, I will trust your judgment on the matter and will understand if you deem the content of my video to have violated the YouTube guidelines.

Faithfully yours,