Jesus: the cover-up

No broadcast, no festivities, no coverage whatsoever...
Instead, it happens in the dead of night when nobody's around...?
Why? Isn't this meant to be the turning point of the history of creation?
Sounds like someone's covering something up, or trying to get away with something. But why? What? And guess who screwed it up?

It suddenly occurred to me a few months back: the 40+ years-later accounts we have of the morning of Jesus's resurrection sound exactly like the way things would have played out if Jesus had wanted NOBODY to know about it. Curious. Why would THAT be? But then when you think about the insane theology behind it - it's actually no wonder. I think I know what happened. Here's my theory.

At times in the past few weeks, especially the last two weekends, I've actually sympathized with those who ask me why the hell I would spend so much time and energy on doing something like this. There are lots of reasons, and somewhere amongst them are things like simply the pleasure of creating something as close to as I'd imagined it as possible. Others have to do with simply the fact that this stuff is important to me- this insane religion really can control people's lives, and I find meaning in sharing the good news: it's a bunch of crazy bullshit that you are free to relieve yourself of at any time.
I'm thinking of this as a "concept-piece". It was quite fun and challenging to write and turn into a coherent narrative. It ended up longer than I'd wanted, and I may have bitten off too much to chew through, with all the "But you don't have a basis for objective morality" stuff,... but whatever.