Yahweh's Amazing Miracle

Yahweh: He's either miraculous or 'mysterious'. It's a pity -- if the rest of us were as 'mysterious' as Yahweh we'd deserve to be in prison for crimes of omission.

a guy and his family was in a light aircraft whose pilot DIED in the chair, and credited the fact that everybody else on board didn't die to JESUS having been looking out for them in their hour of need -- Jesus was his co-pilot. Just amazing tunnel vision -- Yahweh/Jesus is responsible for all the good, but absolutely NONE of the bad -- and there was a hell of a lot of bad in that guy's story; the pilot actually DIED, and they very nearly all met their doom. The guy who landed the plane was an experienced pilot too - (MIRACLE!) and the air traffic control helped out - but it was FAITH that got them through! With a dead frigging pilot in the plane! THAT, of course, had nothing to do with Jesus.
It's hard for me to remember when I had such a ridiculous world view, but I know I did once!

This video provided me with an opportunity to discuss the whole thing about the lack of thought that is SO EVIDENT in theists who think that if there is a god, (which they view as a necessity for there being anything in existence), then it must automatically be THEIR god. Or even that it must be a god that has rules and ethical standards (let alone standards of what to make your clothes out of or whether to keep your foreskin).
I'm a pretty weak atheist in this regard -- I'd be pretty easily convinced that there must be some kind of starting force or originator -- (don't quote-mine me -- I haven't said that I believe any such thing). I certainly don't rule it out, but I haven't really come across any evidence to give me any idea of even the most basic characteristics of that "force", if it exists. But by no means does such an acceptance (or vague feeling) necessitate believing anything at ALL about the character of the creative force. There could be a creative force that we know absolutely NOTHING about! Why do people automatically assume that the character is knowable? Just because it says so in a ridiculous old book? Maybe the creative force is US!! Perhaps this life is what it's like when gods get drunk! Ever thought that? Or maybe it's fucking Yahweh! WE DON'T KNOW! None of the "evidence" presented up til now has been any good for ascertaining ANYTHING like a factual understanding of the situation.
- NonStampCollector