The Ten Commandments (The Basis of our Laws and Morals)

Are the biblical Ten Commandments REALLY responsible for our laws and morality, as many Christians claim? Do we owe anything to them at all?
Should they be considered significant? Displayed in public buildings such as schools and courts?

Yahweh, the old testament god, looked into the future and discovered that the mighty western civilization was getting by without paying all that much attention to his commandments, so he thought about changing them a bit in order for them to be reflective of the actual laws and values we hold to.

"Tablet", get it? Get it?
Remember -Noah threw his iPad (YahPad) at the wall and smashed it (in Noah's Ark Part 2), so Moses got a more durable one (just with less functionality).

Some may argue that my claim of "three out of ten" is inaccurate, and that from a certain viewpoint it more be more like four. I can live with that. I did cross reference a number of articles on the net of people claiming it's three, others four. Either way - the purpose of the video is to show that it's closer ZERO than it is to TEN!