The King of Kings' Speech [Bible Slavery]

So, who would most likely be responsible for Leviticus 25:44-46, a Lord of Love, or a demonic Satan?

By their fruits shall ye know them: and think of how many thousands, or millions of lives have been utterly ruined by the fact that that passage exists in a piece of scripture that a whole bunch of people think has something to do with morality.
Slavery is just about the easiest human rights issue imaginable, and the bible gets it wrong. What an embarrassment. In fact, practically any human being who has ever been born and survived to the age of 8 or so could come up with a better and more ethical set of instructions on how to behave and run a society than the bible. It would not have ownership of PEOPLE as part of its core tenets.

Why did humanity have to wait thousands of years for the Emancipation Declaration? Couldn't Yahweh have delivered it himself? Couldn't Jesus? Peter? Paul? Nup - no one gave a shit about that sort of thing. Not when there were people keeping their foreskins, water to be walked on, and women speaking in churches!!

Script and music and performance and drawings etc (everything) by ME!!

If you haven't seen The King's Speech (Best picture Oscar winner, 2011), then you won't get this.

Sorry to the non-native English speakers or those who'd like to translate it - sometimes the ideas that come to me just don't lend themselves to subtitling or even voice-over.