Hitler: The Atheist (Quiz Show)

So here I go again, addressing the absurd claim that Nazi atrocities are inextricably linked to atheism.

Maybe Hitler was indeed an atheist. I don't know. Who can? But given what he said on the subject throughout his whole life, I'd find that position pretty hard to defend. And what it had to do with his evil acts... well you get the idea of what I think of that argument.

Astute viewers will notice that throughout the movie I don't blame Hitler's actions upon his being a Christian. Indeed -- was he a Christian?! Some may differ with me on this, but I say No, he wasn't. Not in any practical sense of the label.
Saying his evil actions are linked to his status as a Christian either way would be as stupid as saying that they are linked to his moustache, or his atheism.
Indeed -- that's the point. Atheist or theist, Christian or Hindu, Catholic or Lutheran: none of it matters. HE WAS A NAZI: ISN'T THAT ENOUGH?
He was a frigging NAZI, with incredible political power that he'd achieved through shrewd statecraft over many years. Obviously THAT is the lethal combination. Not his moustache, not his vegetarianism, not his atheism/religion.
As close as I could come to linking religion with his actions was actually a portion of the script that didn't make it to the final cut, in which a description of totalitarianism is read out, the contestants are asked to identify what is being described, and it plays out that after all, totalitarianism and religion sound an awful lot like each other.
Initially I had intended to put the laugh segment last, but was afraid that the other sections might be too slow and boring to sit through, and people might leave before seeing all those fantastic quotes of Hitler talking about his love of the Creator etc. So -- if you think the vid goes downhill a bit after that, I kind of agree. It's just the best format I could come up with, and I tried them all, I think!

Great thanks to those who responded to my call for voice extras to carry out quite a task: recording themselves laughing their heads off for a full minute. The response was fantastic, and very very funny to listen to and mix.

Also, to those who helped me find videos of people claiming that Hitler was an atheist and did his evil in the name of atheism. ***Especially OGJimbo.*** The clip of Father Jonathon from FOX News I had in mind from the start. What an unbelievable twat to say what he said. Fuck you, Fr. Jonathon.
And to the others featured in the ads (anyone who'd put themselves in front of a camera and declare that Hitler acted out of atheism deserves to be ridiculed. The ad breaks are my contribution to that ridicule.) : if you DMCA me for including your clips, despite their certainly coming under FAIR USE for criticism; I'll put the video file on mediafire and it will be mirrored on hundreds of channels within a few hours. Shoot yourselves in the foot if you really really want to.

That's it for me for this year. Thanks very much for sharing and rating my vids. Happy 2011.