The Eye of the Python

Right! Stop that! It's SILLY! Dear friends, if you're not familiar with the timeless genius of Monty Python then this one might be a bit over your head. It's an adaptation of the following classic sketch:

I got the idea for this from, unsurprisingly, reading Richard Dawkins' The Greatest Show On Earth. Particularly the chapter which deals with the enormous amount of evidence pointing to life having NOT been designed by an intelligent agency, given all the incredible design flaws that can be seen throughout all of biology. The vertebrate eye is a very good example of this, for the reasons you can hear herein.

I usually like to give detailed references where I can, but the research for this one was just a wild goose-chase around the net picking up bits of info here and there, mainly from Wikipedia. So tough, you'll have to take my word for it.

Yes, yes, its all a bit exaggerated. I am very grateful for my eyes and am in fact one of the lucky ones who cannot complain of any eye weakness of any kind.