Jephthah (Judges 11)

Yahweh apparently demonstrated kindness to Abraham by changing his mind about whether he wanted Isaac sacrificed. What happened when it was Jephthah's daughter's turn under the knife?
I made this new video to remind everyone of what a lovely character the god of the bible is.
I'm sorry, folks, it is just too easy to pull out verses, chapters, and even books, to show him up as an insane psychopath.

And in case you're wondering - yes, I read all of the arguments that claim that Jephthah's daughter wasn't sacrificed at all, whilst I was researching the video.
Sorry, apologists, those arguments just don't hold water. If they did, you'd think at least ONE team of biblical scholars would have come up with a bible translation that suggested as much. None have. Take it up with THEM before you bother with me. And in the meantime - please inform the christians and jews of the world that their bibles are inaccurate after all, if that's what you believe.