Forgiveness, Grace, and God's Death Sentence

There are a few elements of this video that I ought to change, a few word choices, that kind of thing. I get a bit of flack from christians about the finer details of this, and they're probably justified to some extent.
The thing is, though, the corrections that they say I ought to have included originally DON'T MAKE THE THEOLOGY ANY MORE SENSIBLE! If I had the time, I'd be more than happy to re-make this movie, with whatever corrections christians would have me include. I could do it as true to christian theology as any christians would like me to (that is, if more than a handful of christians could agree on elements of the theology enough to give me a good consensus).
I'd be happy to, because the whole story of vicarious redemption comes out looking just as frigging ridiculous as the 'chocolate/punishing the other siblings until they apologize' scenario.

If Jesus died to save us from the wrath of his Father, angry that humanity is less than perfect, then that only shows what a selfish, vengeful, unjust and malevolent being he must be.